Instead of perceiving it as a heavy exercise that burns calories, people generally view bowling as more of a relaxing activity for friends and family after a long day at work and study. However, it is surprising to see that the activity also offers several health benefits. Not only does it offer some physical advantages, but the activity is also a good mental booster. In short, the activity offers more than what people can expect for their physical and mental health.

One plus point of this activity is that there is no firm limit on who can do this activity. Different from other exercises that often require several pre-activity requirements, bowling offers an entirely different idea. It is low-impact and easy to learn, making it possible for everyone of all ages and backgrounds. More importantly, inventors have also invented a new way to invite disabled people to enjoy the game. Thus, if you still need strong motivations before you check out Brunswick and decide if this is your type of fun exercise, you need to read this article as it gives you the information about health benefits of bowling.

Burning Calories

As a low-impact exercise, of course, one cannot expect much from this activity to help them shed those extra pounds. However, it is indeed a great way to stay in shape, especially if you play it quite regularly. The point of the whole game requires you to move your body, and it proves to burn calories compared to sitting down at home and doing nothing. Bowlers need to walk up to sixty feet in every round, and it burns up to three hundred calories in an hour. As you may not have noticed yet, it is equivalent of twenty-minute jumping rope.

Strengthening Muscles

The next thing that people can get from this activity is stronger muscles. Remember that in each round, they need to hold and throw a bowling ball to the right lane. The average bowling balls weigh fourteen pounds, and if you swing it quite regularly, you will soon notice changes in your triceps and biceps. The activity also significantly affects the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and legs.

Better Mental State

Let us not forget the fact that the human is a social creature that needs to socialize regularly. Without this, people will lose their function, and it can lead to frustration as they have lost their chance to actualize themselves. Bowling is an excellent choice for this matter, and it can significantly improve one’s mental state. Remember that socializing with other people means a happier life.