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Task of an electrician


Electrocution is the art of injuring or killing somebody using electric shock. Electrocution kills many people annually but mostly it is accidental. Many people suffer the fatal effect due to the inability to rewire properly or been not sure what they are doing. People find themselves at the receiving end of this dangerous element without having known the consequences. For most cases, electrocution is due to industrial or DIY accidents where electric elements have not been properly installed or maintained. That is why it is a good idea to have a professional do the job like chicago electrician.


In rare cases, electrocution happens due lightning strikes. Lightning bolts carry volts from 3-200 million of electricity. Injuries due to lightning happen when the body converts electrical energy into heat resulting in burns throughout the body.

Electric shock

Electric shockAn electric current can be hazardous depends entirely on the current and length of time it flows through the body. It doesn’t merely depend on the voltage. Although a high voltage is required to have a high current passing through the body. The electric shock severity depends on whether it flows through a vital organ of the body. 70-700mA current triggers fibrillation on the heart. This can be reversed through defibrillator, but it can be fatal if no help is assisted on time.


A current cause permanent damages such as burns and cellular damage to the body. The voltage created varies regarding resistance of the skin, sweaty or wet skin, and broken skin thereby allowing larger currents to flow. The path that a current travels depends on the point of entry and exit. Usually, the current path includes the heart or the brain. Travel through these paths is fatal, to say the least.

Electrocution in rare cases is used as a means of murder or suicide

However, instances these occurrences happens are rare and in between. In these rare instances, electrical appliances are most likely thrown into a bath full of water thereby the charge is released into the water to the victim. In this way, the victim is electrocuted. If a victim immerses him or herself in water, escaping this sudden electrical charge is almost impossible to escape due to the electrical charges in the water.

ElectricThe introduction of low currents affects the human heart since it beats due to an internal electrical impulse. The current causes the heart to skip a beat or beat in an unnatural way. This leads to changes in the normal beating of the heart (Cardiac arrhythmias). When high levels of current are introduced through the body, the heart stops beating ending in instant death. When you have low-level electrocution that results in death, no external marks or visuals are visible. Burning of hair or skin due to a high level of electrocution leaves visible scarring.…