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Buying the best light bulbs for your house


Buying light bulbs for your house is not as easy as many people think. There are many types of bulbs available, and if you are looking for a bulb for your home, this might be confusing. Before buying light bulbs for your home, you need to take time and find the best bulb that is available for you. Buying a good light bulb will save you the time and money of replacing every time.  You will also be surprised to know that they type of bulb you buy will reflect on the energy bills.

Best light bulbs

Light bulb technologybulb

There are many light bulb technologies, and this will determine the type of bulb that you buy. In the modern times, we have energy saving bulbs that reduce the energy consumption substantially. If your main aim is to save energy, these are the best bulbs to buy. We also have bulbs that use the LED technology for brightness and variety of color. The type of bulb technology that you decide to use will be determined by your specific need and what you need from the bulb.

Brightness and color

Brightness and color are also a big determinant when it comes to choosing a bulb. You need to consider the brightness based on the moods and the uses of the rooms. For rooms like the study room, you might consider bright colors to read comfortable. In the bedroom where you need to sleep, consider less bright colors. This is the same when it comes to choosing colors. You need the right colors to represent the mood and the function of each room.

Bulb fitting tybulbspe

You need to consider the type of bulb fitting for your bulb. This will avoid a situation where you get a bulb that won’t fit into your house. If you are not sure about the right type of bulb fitting to get, you can compare the old bulb with the one that you want to buy. If they have a similar fitting, then you should consider buying that type of bulb.

Bulb shape

There are numerous types of bulb shapes. The shape of the bulb will determine the light distribution. The most common shapes of bulbs available are a globe, spiral, and stick. However, there are still other shapes that you can experiment with.…