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Tips To Dog Proofing Your Home


Dog-proofing your homestead is simply the art of ensuring that your dog is given strict boundaries and barring from going everywhere in the homestead. There have been stories about a dog chewing important education documents, property ownership documents, court case files and other crucial things at home. In some instances, a dog may go into the garage and scavenge chemicals that may lead to its death. It has even been reported about dogs starting a fire that burns the entire. To avoid this menace, the following tips are important to dog-proof your home.

Dog Proofing Your Home

Close all Doors and Access Pointshome

To prevent dogs getting into restricted areas in your home, it is important to ensure all doors to every room are closed and even locked at all times. This will prevent the dog from accessing rooms and places that he is not supposed to. By so doing the dog will slowly learn to keep away from these areas and will never be a problem in future.

Keep Chemicals and Medical Supplies in High Shelves

When dogs get access to chemicals or medicine, they may play with them and in the long run get spilled or damaged. This will pose a danger to the dog and even human beings when they come in contact with it. It is, therefore, advisable to store all chemical and medicines on high shelves where a dog will not reach them to keep them safe.

Ensure all Electric Wires are Insulated

Dogs will always play with anything that he comes across end he will enjoy it. Sometimes he can even chew and play with electrical wires which might pose an enormous risk to the pet and the homestead. All electric wires should, therefore, be insulated and kept where a dog cannot access. All electric gadgets should also be kept safe and away from the dog.

Confine Him in His Kernel when Nobody is Around

This is the most efficient and best approach to dog proof your house. Ensure the dog is always kept in his kernel when nobody is around to supervise him. This will ensure he is always kept out of trouble and away from any possible danger and wandering.

Keep litter Cans Tightly Closed

deleteDogs love to salvage everything they come across even including trash cans which may contain dumped and hazardous wastes. A tight and hard to open dog proof trash can is, therefore, advisable to prevent the dog from accessing its contents.

Dog proofing the home, therefore, keeps the dog and the entire homes safe at all times.…