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What Is Swaddling And What Are Its Advantages?

Swaddling is one of the age-old practices, which consists of wrapping babies in swaddling blankets or clothes. This is to ensure that your movement of limbs is restricted. You should note that this given tradition has been around for hundreds of years. The tradition is still popular today. It has many benefits for a new baby and parents also. The major benefits of swaddling blankets are keeping your baby warm, comfortable, secure, and eliminating symptoms of colic.

Even in the Bible, swaddling babies is discussed, including Jesus. This is a clear indication that this tradition has been practiced for many years. In the earlier days, babies were swaddled with anything that was available. Nowadays, babies are swaddled by either using a large swaddling blanket or a traditional receiving blanket.

Why swaddle?

Swaddling hswaddleelps reduce fussiness and minimize colic. Moreover, it makes breastfeeding easy, and the baby is comfortable as you hold him or her. It keeps the baby from crying when jerking their limbs or scratching themselves.

Why swaddle blankets?

Most new parents are not aware of techniques that are used to help their babies sleep. One of the things that can help them is swaddle blanket. The blanket is made of lightweight fabric and helps regulate the baby’s temperature. The fact that it can stretch more means that it can help the baby to be tucked in securely. The regular baby blankets are heavier and do not stretch.

Will babies overheat as they sleep in a swaddle blanket?

Although overheating is a concern with the regular baby blankets, these are safe and comfortable. This is because they are made of fabrics, which regulate your child’s temperature. This means that the baby cannot perspire unless there several covers on top of swaddle blanket.

Is swaddling beneficial?

By babytucking your baby well in the blanket, recreates a comfortable environment similar to the mother’s womb. In fact, it will make your baby feel comfortable and secure. Also, without startling limb movements, your baby will sleep better.

Are swaddle blankets durable?

Swaddle blankets can last from birth to pre-school naptime. However, this is dependent on the size you choose. Children that require comfort and security at home can take their blankets to the classroom. You are required to stop swaddling whenever you realize your baby enjoys sleep with a swaddle blanket.…